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Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Services
Other Clinical Services
Telehealth Services
Group Services

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Services

Innovative Clinical Associates (ICA) is a mental and behavioral healthcare agency providing comprehensive outpatient mental health treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, and families through our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC). Individualized services are provided by licensed clinicians, board certified Psychiatric professionals and board certified Psychiatrists. Services include initial and ongoing assessment, counseling and therapy for clients with a wide range of presenting issues or concerns including anxiety, depression, life changes, trauma, stress and serious and persistent mental illness. A full range of Psychiatric services are offered including Psychiatric evaluation, psychotropic medication evaluation and management and referral for Psychological services.

Other Clinical Services

We provide:

  • individual outpatient therapy services
  • school based mental health services
  • couples/relationship therapy
  • family therapy (for intact, divorced and blended families)
  • telehealth services
  • parenting groups

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

  • ICA provides individualized treatment options with solution-focused and client centered approaches. Treatment and clinical interventions are provided to persons experiencing behavioral and/or emotional problems focusing on increased functioning and resiliency
  • The underlying goal is for clients to become high functioning, productive and fulfilled human beings, which requires one to have the tools and supports to cope with stressors, emotional and behavioral illnesses and life transitions.
  • Clients are encouraged to identify and utilize their strengths and natural supports while working to attain their treatment goals. Family members are included in treatment in order to more effectively bring about improvement in the client's functioning. 
  • Individual, family and school based interventions are offered to persons in order for them to benefit from gaining an understanding of their behaviours and how these behaviours relate to their past and present circumstances.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services are private, flexible and discrete options for clients to receive the mental health services that they want and need without having treatment be interrupted by personal and professional barriers.  Utilizing resources such as Skype and telephones, many people can benefit from this unique service.

  • Frequent travelers who are committed to maintaining their treatment activities
  • Clients who have identified a therapist who they work well with, but geographically are not a good fit
  • Clients with a social phobia or shyness who are unsure of or concerned about getting started with a therapist
  • Transportation is a barrier to starting your journey to good mental health
  • Other responsibilities and life commitments are preventing you from having the ability to set aside time for yourself with any regularity
  • Clients who require high discretion and would benefit from treatment outside of their area

Telehealth can exist in conjunction with regular face to face interventions or as an independent treatment option.  The implementation of this modality is based on the treatment plan and goals developed in conjunction with your clinician.

Group Services

ICA provides informational and preventative group services within educational, community, corporate and other facility settings. Consultants' expertise and awareness of innovations and development in the field ensure that clients will receive quality services. Our methods are results driven and task oriented, and emphasizes the importance of confidentiality. Activities are conducted on-site with flexible hours and minimal disruption in daily structure.

We provide:

  • staff development
  • mediation and negotiation
  • small group workshops and training
  • Employee Assistance Program support
  • crisis intervention, prevention and discussion groups
  • parent skill building
  • education and training
  • linkage for additional concerns and interventions

School Based Mental Health Services

School based activities are both preventative and therapeutic in nature. Our focus is to assist children, families and schools in preventing, identifying and addressing behavioral, developmental and mental health concerns for school age children from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. All services and programs are individualized and designed to meet the needs of the particular child, family and educational community. Services are conducted within the school environment, the home or office setting.

Services include:

  • clinical assessment and consultation
  • individual and group counseling
  • crisis intervention, prevention and discussion groups
  • parent skill building
  • seminars, workshops and training